Food & Drink

As a passionate freelance food photographer, my inner artist really comes to the fore. Food and drink have always been an important part of my life, and they're certainly high up in my priorities when it comes to enjoyment and wonder. I’m dedicated to showcasing the artistry of (and respect I have for) chefs and producers alike. Those two roles are vital in creating the magic allure of todays gastronomic experience. Every photo has to be a product of these beliefs and a keen eye for detail, each having one simple aim: to make you hungry (or thirsty!)

From vibrant cuisines to enticing flavours, my lens captures the essence of visual gastronomy, and my work as a dedicated food photographer. Whether it's an exciting new producer, a cuisine I've not discovered yet, or simply the flavours on offer, it's a subject that always gets my attention.

As a storyteller, my goal is to celebrate these moments of culinary bliss, inviting you to experience the joy of food and drink too.

I work with chefs, pubs, restaurants, suppliers, bakeries, breweries, cidermakers, winemakers, growers and producers to help them showcase their services and products in the best possible way. 

If you have something tasty to show off and need help getting images of it ->  get in touch.