Freelance Photography & Video production in South West UK. Creative, colourful, contemporary - storytelling with personality.

Welcome, I'm Bill. These are my pages, photos and videos.

I'm a freelance photographer and videographer with 20 years experience creating original imagery. I help businesses and brands connect with their customers, shoot visuals for creative agencies and their clients, and document compelling photo stories for print and digital media outlets.

I work in a wide variety of sectors all over UK and Europe, and pride myself on providing a specialist service that is low-impact, efficient and effective.

The photos and video I deliver to clients are always the highest quality imagery, ready to use whatever their purposes. They are also always unique to you - thats the beauty of emplying someone to create something on your behalf, which really gives businesses an edge and helps brands stand out against stock photos/footage that does a really good job of making everyone look like everyone else!

I believe my strongest asset is that my photos look real. The combination of my natural affinity with people and love of a simple documentary approach means the imagery I create maintains a strong element of reality, which gives them an added power that people feel and react to emotionally. For business that use bespoke photography, customer enagagement is much more succesful.

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I believe hiring a professional can give your business images more personality

I help brides look stunning on their wedding day.    

I love collaborating with schools, colleges and universities.      

I create portraits of people from every walk of life.    

I believe interesting personal work is important.    

I write about how you can make a difference when planning your business photography.

I am an award winning drinks photographer and author