What its like being a photographer in Somerset

As a resident of The Somerset Levels I feel lucky to live and work in such a wonderful place and although its not always the driest of places, it would take a whole lot of something great to tempt me away to live anywhere else. Somerset has a certain charm and magic about it that appeals to me greatly. Its like a secret that you don’t want to spoil it by telling everyone else about, but at the same time you can’t actually bring yourself to contain that excitement about all the cool stuff that happens here, so you end up spilling the beans anyway.

Its much more diverse than its quiet, rural, wurzel image lets on and is full of history, culture and nature in equal measure. The people of Somerset are lovely,  warm friendly community minded folk who share a wonderful landscape.

As a rural backdrop, Somerset actually has a higher population thank many of its neighbouring counties. We have a surprising amount of urban areas too; historic cities Bath, Bristol and Wells to the north, rural towns like Yeovil, Chard, Ilminster and Crewkerne to the south, Frome and Bruton to the east, coastal towns such as Weston Super Mare, Burnham on Sea & Minehead and of course at its heart, the main county town of Taunton.

If look at the top six business sectors in Somerset and you'll get some idea of just how diverse our wonderful county really is. They are:

  • Advanced engineering/aerospace
  • Food & Drink
  • Tourism
  • Creative Industry
  • Renewable energy & environmental technology
  • New Nuclear energy

And thats just Somerset... the entire south west region has even more to offer.

As a photographer the region is an interesting if occasionally challenging place to offer a professional photography service, because its difficult to specialise entirely here. Conventional photography wisdom is that its best to become a specialist in a particular area; many photographers specialise and only work as a still life photographer, wedding photographer, portrait photographer, fashion photographer etc, allowing them to be charge a premium. Its rare in Somerset to specialise entirely, and I am probably best summed up as a creative freelance commercial photographer. That said, I think my people based work is my strongest and it is certainly in high demand.

Somerset travel & tourism photographer

All that having been said, I occasionally work internationally as a photographer - which gives me some useful perspective on one of Somerset's biggest industries: Tourism. Being one of the warmest parts of the UK and so beautiful, it is no surprise people travel here from all over the world to enjoy it. Between the Quantock and Mendip Hills lies a large area of flat land known as the Somerset Levels, much of which is below sea-level. Our landscape boasts some iconic landmarks that are internationally recognised such as Glastonbury Tor, Cheddar Gorge and Exmoor. We have 40 miles of wonderful coastline and the Bristol Channel has the second largest tidal range in the world. As such its a visually stunning and we are surrounded by nature at its best. Our landscape and its people are a constant source of inspiration for the many of the creative people who are lucky enough to call Somerset home.

Ask anyone around UK what 3 things come to mind when you say “Somerset” and they’ll probably say:

  • Glastonbury Festival, 
  • Cheddar cheese
  • Cider 

(but not necessarily in that order!)

Its no surprise that they are also three of the things we, as a county, are most proud of. To see more please see my Travel & Tourism photography.

Somerset business photographer

A multitude of businesses from various sectors have choose to set up and operate successfully from Somerset, because its such a great place to do business. While perhaps best known in the cider community as an award winning cider photographer (honestly!), many of my clients in and around Somerset know me more as a cutting edge commercial photographer. Whatever their business needs are, I strive to create the some of the best photography available to them.

Aside from agriculture, Somerset has a multitude of light and high technology business, some of the best educational establishments in the world. From my south west base, I work as a PR & Event Photographer, advertising photographer, lifestyle photographer and a marketing photographer for clients all over UK. The creative sector is Somerset’s fastest growing and the majority of those firms are small business just like me.

Somerset wedding photographer

Somerset also provides an excellent opportunity as a wedding photographer with many high quality service providers choosing to operate here. To see some more, please visit my wedding photography gallery

Somerset food & drink photographer

Being another of the top six business sectors in Somerset, I work as a food & drink photographer creating bespoke photos for an array of producers, pubs and restaurants.  To see more please visit Food & Drink photography.

I provide headshot photography for staff profiles and also aspiring actor and model portfolio photography to get them and their faces where they want to be.

Somerset family portrait photographer

The beautiful countryside of South-West UK offers so much visually and I always try to encourage clients to use their favourite locations around Somerset, Dorset and Devon to do their fun family portrait photography. Its always good, particularly when kids are involved, to get out to one of the families favourite spots and make the most of it. I can also arrange for you to get you prints done if you want to buy photographic prints as a gift?

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