Wedding Photographer: my approach to capturing your day

bride and groom are hoisted onto chairs for wedding photographer in Somerset

The first thing to remember is that I'll be working for you - so we can plan the photos together to get whatever you want. I've been working as a wedding photographer since 2003, and have experienced every kind of wedding. Over that time I have honed a flexible approach in creating wedding images. This page is intended to give you a clearer idea of how best I think it can be done, but I want to re-iterate, this is just a guide and I hope you can use it as a starting point.

think its harder than ever choosing the right wedding photographer these days, I don't envy anyone that task. Not for any other reason than the sheer volume of people offering the service, only some of whom are full time photographers, so choose wisely and I wish you the best of luck! However, fret not, I have some wedding photography advice for couples out there who are up to their eyeballs swimming in an endless sea of web pages.

Whats my approach?

I wholeheartedly believe the best way to do this is in an unobtrusive, natural way (making the most of available light), and document your story as the day unfolds. Its a flexible, fast and responsive approach that allows for less interference and to me concentrate more on the all important emotional moments throughout the day. I behold natural love of storytelling and lot of experience means knowing which bits of the day to concentrate on when. Creating the days photography should fit discreetly and neatly around your plans without taking over. I don't like to shout or boss people around, and the photography I take comes from blending in with everyone else and spending time amongst the action. Working that way creates images that have a more natural and relaxed feel to them, showing friends and family as they are, not performing (unless they want to!) As a wedding photographer - I aim for creative, fun and natural photos that you will treasure forever. 

How long am I around for?

As each couple and their choices are different, my plan very much hinges around yours. In most cases, I tend to arrive ready to shoot at an agreed time in the morning as the bride and girls are getting ready because hair, make up, Champagne, slippers and last nights gossip are a great place to start the story. Its a part of the womans world that us men rarely get to see and its a nice 'real' place to begin. Being on site I can nip around and keep an eye on the venue as action builds. I like to capture people arriving (its a nice moment arriving at a wedding- the excitement shows.) I often recommend shooting with 'the lads' to the groom, as they fulfill duties -which make great photo opportunities. Time between significant events like this are quite good for a few set up shots so they're important to agree upon before the day. I like to follow the action for the rest of the day and typically, it may be something like; shooting quietly and discretely in the ceremony and as diligently as possible straight afterwards. A good wedding photographer will pick up on the excitement and joy in a reception, and often use that time to work through a pre-agreed photo list. When people make their way to sit its quite a fun time for some casual photos, before I take a break until the speeches begin. And so it continues until I end my day after the first dance, leaving the guests to party on into the night when things often start to get a bit messy!

Whats the deal?

I get alot of calls asking about what packages I offer. To be clear, I don't do packages because I feel they impose limitations on what clients get out of the photography and I'm not solely a wedding photographer. I work as a full time freelance photographer and ask clients exactly what they want so I can make sure I give it to them. Although most people want similar things, each client is different so its good to have that dialogue. Please get in touch with some more detail if you would like me to quote. My fees are time based and there may be a few expenses on top and each case is different. As a point of principle, it seems unfair to change the way I work/charge more because someone is getting married. I work as a photographer all week, I charge a fee for my time plus expenses then I give my clients pretty much everything. When I got married, I wanted all the photos from the day so I found a photographer who would provide that. To be clear, my wedding clients get an edit (usually between 500 and 800 digital images) of the day, all of which they are welcome to print share and with their family and friends. I only ask that people don't sell them on or use them commercially, because technically, the photographer always owns and retains copyright unless specifically agreed.

You can personalise it

Quite rightly, people ask for a different things on their wedding because we all have ideas an independent on their personalities, so I like meeting my clients to exchange ideas and information, establish a professional relationship and really help get the ball rolling. Time spent together chatting is valuable because it helps us to get to know each other and it means I can respond to your needs even better. There may even be cake! So please get in touch, enquiries are always free.

Find out more:

You can view my wedding photographer gallery to see more photos.

I'll travel anywhere and although I work as a Somerset wedding photographer much of the time, I actually travel throughout UK and have travelled for and wide, nationally and internationally, for work. As a wedding photographer I have worked in Devon, Dorset, Cornwall, Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Lancashire, Essex, Hertfordshire, London, Bristol, Bath and even shot a 3 day wedding on an island once (it was wonderful!) In most cases I need booking well in advance, but I do have occasional free weekends, so please ask. 

For anyone considering using me to capture their big day, I am pleased to share some recent happy customer wedding testimonials with you should you want to read about what other people have said about me as a wedding photographer. I also have a wedding booking form which you may find very useful. 

If you'd like see more of my work as a wedding photographer up close, please get in touch using the contact form and arrange to come and have a cup of tea, some cake and a chat. I'm also available for engagement shoots, as well as bump and baby photography if that happy day comes!