In this day and age, every business - from sole traders and SME's and up to large corporations benefit from creating bespoke videos. With some considered thought and good planning, even a modestly priced short video, or series of social clips can inspire people to take action. They are also building your brand and allowing you to make the best possible first impression.

I offer creative a high quality commercial filmmaking & video marketing production as part of my freelance repertoire, tailored specifically to the needs and requirements of yur business, below are a few examples of the kind of work I can do - either straightforward, or more creative.

For more information on Commercial filmmaking & Video marketing in Somerset, Dorset, Devon, Wiltshire, Exeter, Bournemouth, Bristol, or London please contact me.


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You can see more of my video work if you search here for 'video' using the tag system 

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