Distraction Landscapes

This is my first foray into music and video and I set myself the brief of creating something simple based on some footage I had (shot on a train journey down from Seattle to Portland) combined with free clips I have sourced from various online libraries. Its pretty budget in that regard but there is a reason: I’m interested in how things we interpret footage differently when we put match unlikely imagery and sound they seem to come together in a new way that holds my attention much like VJ might. Its almost like trying to hypnotise an audience for a few minutes whilst they let go, like a short open-eyed meditation.

The backbone and most crucial aspect of this video is the fantastic track by Jon Hopkins 'Open Eye Signal'. When I first heard it, I felt totally captured by it and it has inspired me to put something to it. I remember (some of) my early 20’s and seeing imagery projected onto the side of a warehouse at raves, or against a nightclub wall as we danced - ‘letting go’ and this is an idea very much inspired by those times. I always loved the experimental, lo-fi approach those times had and was often impressed by how effective they were despite their simplicity.

‘Open Eye Signal’ is from the Mercury nominated album ‘Immunity’ released in 2013 by Domino Records -  which somehow I completely missed until recently. It has totally got under my skin. There is an official video (which I purposely didn’t watch until after I had completed this) which also captures that feeling of movement/motion but looks much more modern has more straight forward narrative.

Full screen and turn it up!