Langport, the cool little town where I live in Somerset, is surrounded by beautiful countryside and is populated by people from every walk of life. The lifestyle here is fantastic and given the high percentage of creative types living in the area, a strong local influence and a need to promote the town, an online campaign to promote the town has given rise to #WhereItsTo becoming the hashtag chosen to represent it. The Langport Area Business Group asked me to provide a few images, so I thought it fitting to showcase them (and some images from around the local area) to give you an idea of life here. A high proportion of which are part of a combined social media campaign using Instagram

Much like the town inhabitants, its an eclectic mix. Langport has a rich variety of talented professionals, strong local support, quality food & drink and a yearning for growth. Not only is it a great place to work or visit, but a great place to live. Despite the amount of water in the images, we don't all have webbed feet and manage to stay dry most of the time.