Wedding photography

Natural shots of friends and family as you know them.

I love being a wedding photographer - its such a privelage. For me, the best wedding photography has always been about being there and blending in to get the best kind of photos. Gone are the days of shouty photographers bossing people around to get the shots they want. Images of friends and family looking like and being themselves is what people want and to do that you want to keep things natural as much as possible, not staging too much or interferring with them. A documentary approach/reportage style suits weddings particularly well in this regard and for most couples its the perfect answer, however they choose to tie the knot. I also offer unlimited coverage for the starting from getting ready in the morning right through until the first dance in the evening (and quite often for some time after that!) Authentiticty is key for me and with a strong plan in place, its simpler than you think to achieve and my aim is to provide you with all of the fun and none of the fuss. I also offer a set fee for the day to help you manage your budget.

I have some advice for people planning their wedding photography

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