Untitled work

I believe personal work is important for a few reasons. Not only does it keep you looking and considering, but it also creates a space for your visual voice to be heard/seen. As a busy professional that shoots most new images for clients, its a relief to be able to create new work without a particular client agenda, or money, skewing the way you do it. Personal work is often more experimental by nature as photographers like to hone the way by challenging what and how they create. The process has more in common with the reason you picked up a camera in the first place than paid client work, and for that reason, design agencies often prefer to see personal work: its more raw and gives them a clearer idea of the way you like to think, see and capture. I always have a camera on me and this gallery contains some exploratory moments & snapshot images are interesting but don't have anywhere else to live. Sometimes I just shoot stuff just to see how it looks when its been photographed or because I have an idea or see something that you want to remember.