Theatre, Film & TV

If there is an underlying cinematic quality to my people photography it is for two reasons. Firstly, I love the way movies look (they're often beautiful) but more importantly to me, I love the way cameras help tell the story. I love a narrative (the storytelling element) because when people 'read' an image (whether they realise it or not) to try and make sense of what they are seeing, they're already hooked in and its often the narrative that provides the hook.

Theatre, film & TV production is complex; they involve a great deal of skill and committed organisation. Aside from the actors role, the supporting crew now attract more attention than ever, as society takes more interest in how things work behind-the-scenes. Having spent some years working as a runner and camera assistant, I understand the importance of good unit photography on and off set. The stories that make up The Story can happen anywhere, from carefully controlled studio stages to wild windswept locations, and make a fascinating combination. I specialise in promotional images that focus on skills such as set design, make up artistry, costume design, special effects, backstage mangagement, lighting design, and general production.