Somerset Levels

This is a new area I started working on it in early 2015, so theres not much to see yet. I've been all over the world as a cider photographer but ironically, I've never really spent much time exploring what it is I love about where I live on the Somerset Levels. My hometown, Langport, is right in the heart of Somerset and on the very edge of the Levels. My dry back garden shares a boundry with a boggy moor so its literally where man and nature meet for me.  The Levels feel quite wild in places but with evidence of civilisation is every hedgrow you feel that its a landscape thats been in use for a long time. You can't avoid our human footprint and I don't think we should if we want landscape photography to remain alive. Yet, it still retains a slightly older, more basic quality. These primitive aspects of the landscape and how we interact with it are really appeal to me. I feel natural light really benefits this kind of work so its slow by nature becasue you need luck sometimes. But I like that about it. When you get all kinds of weather rolling through a stunning landscape thats full of wildlife so you really feel the seasonality play out. You can't avoid water either. 

I believe all us creative guns for hire should create personal work to keep us sane and focussed. But as with all unpaid 'work'-  it only gets done as and when I make the time to do it around earning a crust. Consequently (and interestingly) those subjects often take on a more long term exploration.