Who doesn't love pubs? Surely we all do- don't we? Quiet ones, loud ones, new ones, old ones, convenient ones, even inconvenient ones... When you're British, its common to find yourself in pubs frequently for one reason or another, so when I get the chance, I like to try and capture what I/we enjoy about them: friends interacting with strangers, life unfolding as we socialise. 

I love them for many reasons; their variety of food and drink, a chance quiet pint in the beer garden on a warm summers evening, the crackling heat of a fire on a snowy January night over a sneaky pint of Porter, a celebrated free drink locals get at lunchtime on Christmas day, the wierdness, the mundane, the effort the landlord makes, or doesn't. Its a heady mix of food-mood & booze that creates our beloved pubs and what make them an important British institution. I'm lucky enough to be surrounded by great pubs here in Somerset - they are fantastic, revered throughout the world for good reason and should be celebrated!