Dalston Yard Street Feast

Having spent about 30% of my professional time over the last 6 weeks working for a single client, in London and mostly at the same hotel, I discovered Dalston Yard Street Feast a mere 2 metres away from my hotel on my final night. Stepping out about 8.30pm to find something to eat, I was suddenly aware of  a new noise I hadn't heard outside that hotel before: the hubbub of a large gathering labelled simply as 'Street Feast'. A smirk later, I had paid my £3 entry fee and entered. Approximately 45 seconds after that, I realised I had to head straight back out, grab my camera (and a 50mm lens) and return to try and catch some of the atmosphere. I was staggered by the volume and the diversity there - its London at its best! I have strong feelings about what food and drink choices should be available to us consumers in 2015, particularly somewhere as cosmopolitan as London but am more often than not disappointed with either the choices, quality, or both. Dalston Yard however, is different. Its an incredible place to eat and drink, meet friends or simply hang out. I spent nearly three hours doing exactly that on Friday night, and only just scratched the surface. The difficulty any out of town visitor has as such places is not being able to try everything unless I keep going back, which I intend to do at every opportunity. International visitors - you must go there if you are in town and its on.

Its a semi-covered, colourful, urban shanty market for discerning souls with like their food served with a slice of life. Its some of the best street food in London has to offer these days -Hipsters ahoy, and genuinely cool too.

Long live #DalstonYard!