Business & Technology photography

To some extent, the idea of "business images" is a ridiculous phrase - every business is unique and has different needs, so business images will never seat neatly into a certian visual category. The whole point of freelance photography is to create bespoke images for specific uses which, one way or another, fit into someones business, somehow. That said, I believe its a good idea to showcase the diversity of such work to help any inexperienced business owners, marketing newcomers, and any visually naieve people embarking down the road of buying photography to understand that the images they choose to represent them, their ideas, products or services don't have to be sterotypical, limited and boring. Many businesses muddle on with poor or ill-suited photography for a variety of reasons the most common being a concern over creativity, a lack of ambition, or budget contraints. All of these can be discussed and catered for, and should never be an issue if you are dealing with a flexible professional. Sometimes people don't fully consider the consequences and difference between photos they've done themselves (or had a keen employee do) and those a professional can create with you, but potential clients and business partners will always 'feel' the difference. Budding amateurs tend to shoot more generic, sterotypical images bringing about the slow death of any creativity and personality that your business should thrive on. An experienced professional may often try to steer you down a less obvious path with good reason and you should trust them to do it. I have written about how using a professional photographer is better for your business if you want to read more about that.

The bottom line, whoever you use, is:

The imagery you decide to use reflects the values you put in your brand: you can't sell 'premium' using 'standard'

Wise investment contributes greatly to your brand perception.

I believe that creating photography for use in business purposes should have more to do with your work ethic, and associated themes. Business means different things to different people and the photography you use should represent you and your business, not what you think business photography should look like. 

For those who wish to go further still, some advice when planning for business photography too.

How about giving your business imagery more personality?