Boudoir & Nudes

Something a little different for the body confident (or not so!) these 'nu-doir' sessions are informal, relaxed and on your terms so the experience is positive and you always feel comfortable and in control.

Choosing the right photographer is important for this kind of work as these shoots are a bit more intimate. Trust is vital and a negative experience can leave someone feeling insecure, so lots of consideration is key to avoid any of that! They can be lightly themed (such as bridal or cosplay), or you can be more of a natural 'you'. If you want to a bit more daring, you can also opt for a more sexy feel. I am happy to spend time discussing ideas and details, how your session might work and listen to what kind of images you hope to get out of it. When done well, they offer an invigorating confidence boost and of course, you can choose to remain anonymous or never even show them to anyone if you don’t want to. These can also make a fun and more alternative gift for the right person/couple.

Shoots happen where ever the clients choose and last as long as you want to give it, starting from 90mins.

Have a think and contact Bill if you want to discuss options, ideas or prices.