Photography Gift Ideas

Photography is probably more popular than its ever been and everyone I know now carries a half decent camera in their pocket for most of the day, and consequently, we're all getting better at capturing life as we move through it. But having a camera (or phone!) doesn't necessarily make you a great photographer (in the same way owning a boat wouldn't make me a good sailor) or mean you are getting the exact shots you want. As the gift season creeps upon us once again, I have compiled a short list of photography gift ideas for anyone looking for some inspiration. It does make a good present! Christmas, birthday, fathers day, mothers day, an anniversary or just because you love someone.

Little owl sits on a tree with yellow leaves


We all like art on our walls and if you can find a print here that you, or a loved one, will like you can buy your very own copy! Prints are done on an individual basis, based on requirements, and the fist question I will ask if how big do you want it, so have a think about that. I can go from a postcard size up to about a meter. Read more on my Buy Fine Art Photography Prints page.

gallery prints resting on the floor


I have written a few book on cider, all of which feature my imagery. If you are, or know a cider fan, get in touch and I can help you decide which one would suit your needs best as they are a little varied. Read more about my books here.


These are often thought of as a bit cheesy (and they can be if you like) but they don't necessarily have to be - different approaches suit different family types. I always try to take something a bit more real, upbeat and fun - but simple as younger family members are often pretty reluctant so you get less of a chance to capture them at their best! Its not unusual for me to travel and spend an hour or two at a special family occasion to get some really treasured images for the whole family to share and enjoy. I recommend location based shoots for a family, but if its a newborn - the kitchen, lounge or nursery may be a better idea! To see more check out my FAMILY GET TOGETHER gallery.

family portrait


Are you, or do you know an aspiring model or struggling actor/actress? I can offer a reasonably priced package to help get that face seen! Find out more in my New Faces: Models & Actors gallery

powerful lady poses for camera
classy portrait


Buy someone their very own photographer for an hour or two and help them get the images they've always wanted - whatever they may be. It might be portraits or family or pets, it might be a new start up business or it might be for a party they're having. Whatever it is, I can create some high quality images for them to use or remember their occasion. As a freelancer my time can be spent in a back office with a dozen fire extinguishers one day, a massive public event with a member of the royal family the next, or on beaches in the Bahamas shooting underwear stories so I like to think I can deal with any scenario or requirement no matter how mundane or bizarre it may seem - its all valid!

a happy couple on the cliff top after the wedding
beautiful fashion portrait Bahamas hotel


So many people ask me about photography lessons because everyone owns a digital camera these days but most people don't get the best out of it. Never fear - I can show you how. If you have you own camera (fully charged and instruction manual) and 90 minutes available, I can tailor a one-to-one lesson to your needs. If you want longer or wish to learn something specific (such as a certain technique) lets discuss where you're at and how long I think it will take to teach you that. Prices start from £45. You can read more about photography tuition I offer 


If thats enough to give you an idea - Contact Bill about a photography based gift