Business matters. What photography can do for you.

If you image search 'business photography', the results are mostly clean, simple portraits of people. Whilst its true great businesses are built on strong people and 'personality' is a crucial aspect of your business identity (and therefore engaging portraits of 'you' and 'the team' are core assets) there is more to it than that. Every business has a make numerous other photographic considerations other than just good portraits -be it products, services, attitude etc. Bespoke photos are created for a wide range of business uses: the company website and social media accounts will all benefit from strong images, printed material such as brochures, sales letters and advertising of products you make or services you offer etc... they all need images to represent them. Strong images are invaluable, so investing in getting them right is a responsibility every business has to deal with at some stage. Sadly, those that get it wrong are often the last to realise it. Is there anything more off-putting to potential clients visiting a website and being met with amateur photos - it makes you feel undervalued as a client before you've even met the business. The thought process follows: amateur photos = amateur business - even on a subconscious level, and too many businesses either look a bit shiny and fake because they got their images from photo library or a bit second-rate because they've tried to do it themselves. An experienced professional is far more likely to achieve quality imagery in any situation, particularly tough ones that an amateur would struggle with. Consistency is another key factor in your photography that often gets overlooked, and people notice the difference more than ever these days. A good decision would be contact some local photographers and talk to them, which costs you nothing. Ultimately, it is essential to ensure that if you are prepared to allocate some of the marketing budget to photography, that you should also take it seriously and get the best out of it.

Beautiful salmon salad from Somerset Pub lunch photograph

Helping your personality to shine through is what professional photographers do. 

There are many types of business and I provide each one with the images that best suit there needs, primarily their people, products and services. I'm fortunate enough to have worked closely with really talented and inspirational marketing teams who teach me so much about the best ways to work that I'm grateful to have them as clients. They help me be better than I would be without them and working with teams like that honestly makes every other job for other people, slightly better too; slightly more informed and up to date. I really love it! I believe that the best photography you can provide for your business, is delivered with the same honesty with which you work on a daily basis. Good business photography should carry that message.

Pine seedling photo

Don't be stuffy.

Sure business is serious and being taken seriously is important, but that doesn't mean your images don't have to be 'serious', they just have to be good. One simple way to stand out from your competitors is to have better photography than them. Every image on this entire website represents one or other business I work currently produce work for but they don't necessarily feel like 'business images'. On a practical level, any business that has an archive of professional photography that has been built up regularly over time has instant access to quality content which they can use to promote themselves.

Young businesswoman poses for camera photo

Quality photography lets people know how serious you are about what you do.

Bespoke photography lets your customers know what kind of attitude you have towards what it is you do, and allows you to build a connection with them by sharing it. Adding some professional personality to your image tells your clients and partners exactly how you like to do business and reflects greatly on the value you put in to what it is you do. By creating advertising images and undertaking ongoing marketing campaigns, you can develop up a strong working relationship with a photographer (or group of photographers) and create a valuable and very useful photographic library. Good photos helps you stand out by grabbing someones attention and engaging them. These days people are more image aware than they have ever been, they recognise and appreciate the value of good photography which in turn becomes something they will associate with your brand. Is that something you are willing to risk by doing it yourself?

So whether its a tasty photo of chef's new smoked salmon salad, an engaging PR story about your award winning research into marine technology or some simple images that show people exactly what you do and how well you do it, you'll need a dependable professional you can rely on to get results with the least amount of fuss. Hiring a professional photographer to create unique imagery will always make sense, it doesn't have to be daunting or costly - but get it right at the beginning and the images will are worth every penny. 

Remember - enquiries don't cost anything. If you already know you want to update your photography, then the next thing to do is understand more about planning your business photography well.