"Worlds Best Cider: Taste, Tradition and Terroir, from Somerset to Seattle"

Worlds Best Cider book UK cover
Worlds Best Cider book USA cover

 (co-authored with Pete Brown) Published Oct 2013. 

Winner Fortnum & Mason 'Best Drinks Book 2014'

Winner: Fortnum & Mason Food & Drink Awards 2014

Shortlisted for an International Gourmand Award

This is the kind of coffee table book that suits cider lovers from every corner of the globe: its informative, historical and unique. Drinks writer and Cider wingman Pete Brown shoehorned his trademark humour and style into its many pages. When we realised nothing had ever been written like this on cider before, we aimed to set the bar as high as we could. Consequently, its rammed with all the love a parent has for its first-born and the book I am most proud of, we poured our hearts, souls and last drops of blood into it! Somehow managing to appeal to both cider connoisseur and newcomer alike. Over 250 pages hold some of the best writing and most passionate photography on the subject you could find, for which we were gratefully recognised as in the 2014 Fortnum & Mason Food & Drink Awards.

There are plenty of online reviews to read, here are just a few:


Eric Asimov, New York Times


 "You might even go as far as to describe Brown and Bradshaw as the [Hugh] Johnson and [Jancis] Robinson of cider... One gets the impression that cider is currently the most exciting drink in Britain and is only going to get better."

Henry Jeffreys, The Guardian "Best Drinks Books of 2013"


 "the perfect team to attempt this hugely ambitious overview of the cider boom taking the world by storm, and they've pulled it off magnificently."

Max Allen, The Australian


"one of the most important drinks books written in the last twenty years"

Victoria Moore, The Telegraph


 "serious, comprehensive yet eminently accessible...the ultimate, the pinnacle of cider writing. you can immediately throw every other book ever written about cider in the bin and free yourself up some shelf space."

Western Daily Press


 "The overriding tone that we get from Pete Brown and Bill Bradshaw is one of affection - for cider, for tradition, and for the motley collection of cider makers past and present."

Cider Snob


‘The World’s Best Cider is a brilliant and thorough guide to this misunderstood drink. For aficionados, and beginners alike it’s exactly what’s needed, as despite a lot of detail its refreshingly  ‘everyman’ the  writing being  heart-warming and as full of fizz the drinks inside. This book should be printed in map form so you can take it in your car or suitcase to whichever country holds the promise of this magic beverage. The wonderful photos fill the book with a sense of history and missing teeth while adding a lot to a real feeling of accessibility which spill out of these pages. Buy it!’

Valentine Warner


You can buy Worlds Best Cider online here.