"SIDRA! Basque Country & Asturias. A road trip through Spanish cider country"

SIDRA! book cover

My latest book "SIDRA!" is a photographic record of one week in August 2015 with the lucky few who could make it on a very special journey to learn more about Spanish cider, sidra. Organised by Spanish team Eduardo Coto (Worlds Best Cider contributor and uber cider enthusiast) and Bego Medio (the best local Tourism Consultant/cider fixer you'll find) on behalf of regional producers and tourism agencies, they set up a unique, cider focused educational and cultural visit. The intention of the trip was to let a select body of 'cider luminaries' experience the best the region has to offer, first hand and learn more about sidra. The drink is popular in USA and Canada, and demand is still growing. We lucky few met with producers, gowers, regional experts, and fellow passionate enthusiasts as they debated their way through stunning landscape on a small bus. Northern Spains fantastic sidra regions; their people, their homes and lives were opened up wholeheartedly. I had the good fortune to live alongside some of North Americas most passionate cider producers, writers and bloggers - some of the guys that shape what the cider is over there. One long, neverending passionate discussion continued right through the trip as we drank their way between mountains living on a diet of codfish omlette, massive ripeye steaks and the unceasing supply of the best Sidra money can buy. It was the Spanish cider industry saying 'Here we are, and this is what we do.' A week on and off the bus, in and out of cellars, orchards and bars capturing the essence of what sidra is. It is self-published using Blurb (which makes it slightly more expensive) and is particularly suited to people who know the region, and would make a fantastic gift for the cider lover who has nearly everything. If you are planning a trip to the region, you will find the contact details of all the producers we visited as well as a copy of our itinerary.

You can preview/buy a copy directly from the dedicated Blurb Sidra page. You can find out more about my sidra photography here.