Haynes "Cider Enthusiasts Manual"

Haynes Cider manual book cover

This is a beginners guide to all things cider and is the kind of book I wanted when I first started learning about cider. It introduces new cidermakers to the many facets the Cider world has to offer from choosing/growing apples for cidermaking, the philosophy of your cidermaking approach, traditional vs modern techniques, basic cider science, a peek at global cider cultures and some of my favourite cider based recipes. 

Throughout the 184 page book, there are many easy-to-use scientific tables, full clour photos and top tips from world reknown cidermakers. Its a very giftable book and would be particualrly suited as a gift solution/idea on fathers day/mothers day, Christmas and birthdays. 

Published May 2014 by Haynes Publishing and you can buy it here.

Cider Manual book preview - Contents pages
cider manual book preview - apple types
Cider Manual book preview - Pressing