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Somerset In Business conference 2015

"You have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Listen First"

Steve Woolley, Chartered institute of Marketing

I was at the Somerset Chamber of Commerce 'Somerset In Business' conference yesterday. It was one of those days given over to meet new faces in the business community, listen to some great speakers with the aim of everyone do some more business etc. My favourite tip of the day (above) came from a lively and inspiring speaker Steve Woolley, his topic being social media.

Much to many peoples surprise, Manufacturing is one of the key industries here in Somerset, our county generally more associated with decent cheese, Cider and having a good time at one of the worlds best music festivals. Even as a long term resident of the place, I was surprised by just how large the sector is here. Sadly, its one of those industries that is blighted by poor visual representation, the images used in brochures and on websites often being mismatched and far below the quality of the highly skilled and specialist workforce that they represent. It got me thinking back to the last manufacturing type images that I took of Britains only Master Cooper, Alistair Simms, so I wanted to republish them and reach out the Somerset Manufacturing community and say 'if you want to update your photography, please get in touch for a chat - us professionals are here to help!'

Check out the 'Britains Master Cooper: Alastair Simms GALLERY' to see the last remaining master cooper in UK at work. 

Britains only master cooper Alastair Simms at work