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Off radar but in good shape!

Apologies for any sense of absence, its certainly too long to test anyones patience for. Like many of us, sometimes I have to a father/husband/brother/son/friend as well as myself and, I also have to earn a living (or at least try!)


I've also been trying to get fit and doing ace Bootcamp sessions with Tash of NV Health and Fitness in Langport. I'm loving it, I ran a 10k obstacle course race called Grailquest recently - which was really good fun (photos to prove it -watch out for Bootcamp Barbarians.) I feel amazing and I've lost 10kg too!

NEWS: New South-West video production service 

Anyway, in other news: I have been quiet as I my business-self has also been in development.  Having finally accepted the convergence of photography and video, I have invested in both new audio and video hardware, a massive new Mac with complete with state of the art editing software and started shooting videos/films for my clients. Initially - there have been many for one client, which has allowed me the work it takes to make a strong start. With other clients already requesting dates I'm making an effort to hone my skills and been shooting some personal work too. I plan to have a Video page up with a suitabley representative choice of videos before 2018, but as of now, I am offering professional video production services from my base in Somerset throughout South West UK. I already regularly shoot in Dorset and Wiltshire with clients in Bournemouth, Bristol and London for a variety of business clients who need bespoke, high quality imagery that tells their story - so am keen to offer them a bit more or something they may not already have.

There are various pokers in fires which I'm hopeful for, and I will keep up to date with as things develop but for now I have to keep peddling. Exciting, if exhausting, times!