photography for social media and marketing

The emergence of image-led social media opened up a whole new need for quality photography, yet now more than ever - we find ourselves surrounded by businesses who post selfies and poorly snapped phone shots in the hope they are saving money by doing it themselves.

Quality images may be provided by professionals like myself, but without a discerning editorial eye to judge whats right and whats not, the process can feel alot trickier than it needs to. The need has never been greater: unlike in a gallery or print publication, photography published digitally online reaches a much larger audience and can be as damaging as it can beneficial. But, in the absence of a curator or editor, it often falls to the photographers themselves to make worthwhile judgments on image quality, style and aptness on behalf of their clients  - and that in itself makes hiring one worthwhile.

With that in mind, I’ve been working on some social media photography packages to offer clients. I want to take the hassle out of the job for businesses by providing them with affordable, easy to use and appropriate images they can use to up their social media game. The ability to identify a good photographic moment is a skill that all photographers photographers spend their live honing, professional freelancers have to go one step further by making sure they can get that moment wherever and whenever on behalf of their clients.

If you are interested in discussing how Bill can help your company up its social media game - please get in touch! 

I have a flyer to send out that explains the process and the prices.