aerial photo of Langport

Langport, Somerset: from the air

A birds eye view of where the Somerset Levels meet the town of Langport. I have hundreds of great photos taken locally at the height of the 2014 Somerset floods and I used the opportunity to snap a few as we flew over my hometown. Water is such a big part of our life here; if its not hammering down on us from above, its seeping up at us from beneath our feet. The town was once a port (hence the name) and the Somerset Levels (much is which is below sea level) surround us. The images look like they should be in a geography textbook from school in the chapter 'Living With Water'. Thankyou Simon Thomas for providing me with the aerial opportunity, I look forward to doing more soon!

aerial photography of Langport, Somerset

aerial photograph of Langport town bridge in Somerset

aerial photograph of Langport town & surrounding area in Somerset

aerial photography of flooded Langport area, Somerset

aerial photograph of flooded Somerset Levels, Langport area

huge flooded area of the Somerset Levels, aerial photograph, Langport