cider in demijohns at the Royal Bath and West Show

International Cider Competition. Royal Bath & West Show 2015. Call for Entries:

Yes, its that time of year again. If, as a cidermaker, you fancy your chances at one of the oldest and largest cider competitions on the world (quite possibly the oldest and the largest), the 'British Cider Championship' is held at the Royal Bath & West of England Show each year. Last year saw a record breaking 560 entries across 16 classes and thousands of cider lovers had the chance to sample more cider than they have ever tried before. 

The Bath & West of England Society was formed in 1777 and the cider has been there right from the start. If you want to know more, local historian Alan stone has published a booklet about the history of cider at the RB&W Show. As artisan cidermakers from across UK and around the world once again take the chance to compete with some of the best producers on the planet, the organisers have called for entries to this years competition.

Sadly, the RB&WS website is woefully old and not as easy to use as it should be, although I think there are be plans afoot for a refurbishment  hopefully ready for next year which should make using the whole process of entering a much nicer and more effective experience. In the meantime, I'd like to try and make things simpler for any international producers who want to send entries in for competition. 

So here is the gist of it:

  • The dates for this years show are Wednesday 27 May to Saturday 30 May 2015.
  • Entry into the International Classes (OC15 & OC16) is free.
  • You are limited to THREE entries only per class.
  • The international classes are:

OC15: Two bottles of CIDER manufactured outside the United Kingdom

OC16: Two bottles of PERRY manufactured outside the United Kingdom

  • You need to supply two bottles for each entry; the FIRST BOTTLE as it would appear in a retail scenario and the SECOND BOTTLE should remain unlabelled so the stewards can put a plain competition label on it before judging.
  • Paper based entries to the competition close on 10th April
  • Online entries close on 17th April.
  • You can enter online using the Bath & West Show Entries page
  • The 'Orchards and Cider Schedule' outlines the rules, regulations and competition times.


If you have any questions about the International section or want either an entry form or a copy of the Cider Schedule emailed out to you, please contact me directly.