Somerset Orchard Full bloom

Exporting The Orchard

On Wednesday, it was one of those perfectly English mornings that promised a day of full sun after the mist had lifted. My mission: to photograph a local orchard here in Somerset in full bloom for a local cidermaking family. For once, the weather was with me and it felt glorious day.

The orchard belongs to the Hecks family, pedigree traditional cidermakers from the local area who have been making winning prizes for seven generations. 

Chris and Andrew Hecks make more single variety traditional ciders than most others, and their farm shop is always worth a visit. As a recent gesture of international peace and a toast to friendship in an effort to boost relations between the two countries, the two brother sent pallets of cider to both Russia and USA in the same week. Given the boom of cider interest internationally, its not surprising many cidermakers in the region have started to export.

Cider tourism is starting to get off the ground too, with more and more people travelling internationally purely to discover how they do it ‘over there’.

‘Blossom’ is one of those words that means more than flowers, it has a more lofty, more airborne feeling to it. Just as well there is so much of it on those trees, I expect they need every cider apple they can get.

Being as  what that was what I was there to get (and the sun was out), I decided to get all the photography toys out and shoot an orchard in a way I’ve never shot one before. I jazzed up all the natural light with a portable lighting kit, a polariser and a graduation filter blah blah) so its me seeing orchards through a new eye. There are times when a more commercial look will work in your favour, so I made sure I enjoyed myself, I hope you enjoy it too.

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