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I have recently been working on some promotional videos for the new 'Discover Cider' campaign. I was asked to create 3 videos, around 1 minute in length each, that each focus on a different aspect of what they are trying to promote. 'Cider Is Green' focusses on the sustainable nature of cider as a drink, 'Cider For Everyone' on the idea that there is a cider suitable for everyone/every occasion and 'Cider Is Community' focussing on the people that make up the cider scene in the UK.

I wasn't given much notice, but was luckily supplied with just enough footage from the various cider companies involved to do a decent enough hatchet-job to fill the brief. Although I shot some of the footage, I can't claim to have shot it all so some credit must go to other photographers/videographers, and also to those cider companies for employing them in the first place!

Shooting and editing creative videos for businesses to promote themselves is something I do offer, please get in touch if you'd like to know more.