projected lights and lasers on outside of building at night

A different kind of Christmas card

Having won a pile of awards for their innovative marketing work, the Arts University Bournemouth continue to experiment and take their ideas that step further. Riding the success of their KScope app, an idea for their Christmas Card was born. Web Content Project Facillitator Freddie Harrisson said:

It was a huge undertaking, incorporating metres of VGA cabling, eight projectors, eight laptops, even more metres of diffusion filter, minor building works, a scissor lift and a lot of hard work from everyone involved. The result is that we produced something beautiful, with a short documentary film and an updated installation in the windows opposite reception to follow. This will be an integral part of our external comms over the festive season, showcasing the university's ability to engage externally, collaborate with alumni, work together internally and, most importantly, make. It's not always possible that the results and reality of projects like this match up to our hopes and ambitions but this one did. 

As ever, I was glad to be asked to take part, I do alot of work for AUB and I love it all. They allow me alot of freedom and are always open to new ideas and alternative methods. I seem to spend half my life driving through Dorset (and swear my car actually drives itself back now) but never mind as its always interesting and offers me great opportunities for new photography as well as time to spend with some really creative people. I used a 'crash zoom' technique to accentuate the projection techniques and its one of the occasions you can do that and get away with it not being too gimicky. Anyway you can judge for yourseves, there is a gallery here.