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The Cider Hunters. Part 1: The Drink That Built America.

As if there isn't enough going on in my life as I turn 40 I decide to step it up a notch and try something I've never done before. A good idea is a good idea, so why not? I'm very happy to announce a new project (actually an extention of what I've been doing since 2004) that beer compadre and Worlds Best Cider co-author Pete Brown and I are working on. I/we continue our global search to explore the finest ciders the world has to offer, only this time in a new format - on film. 

Most people don't realise Cider is the drink that built America, colonisers from various nations brought over seeds and trees when they decided to start a new life in the promised land so the apple was right there at the beginning. The USA was making and drinking 'hard cider' as it was before it started organising itself into States and putting together a constitution, and now (finally!) its making one helluva comeback. We want to explore the history of apples and cider in America, then and now and challenge every American to think about why its their rightful, national drink. Its a really exciting project to be involved in and I know there will be alot of support from cider lovers all over the world.

Its not like we wouldn't want to do one on France, Spain or Germany (there was talk of a combined Euro road trip at one stage) - or even UK for that matter, we just thought North America was more likely to get behind the idea and help make it happen. One might ask 'Why are two goddamn Limeys making a film about hard cider in America?' and its a fair question. My riposte would be -I've been exploring cider cultures since 2004, Pete has a remarkable ability to gain an accurate understanding of complex issues, we have a proven track record together and no-one else is doing it. Also, it often takes outsiders to see things more clearly - so we'd like to volunteer please.

The history of cider in America is (and always has been) fragmented and incomplete so rather than relying on our keen and cunning whit, we're going to need some help. We've got a plan and are in the very safe hands of professional filmmakers Matt Crocker and James Dean from Level Films who have won a plethora of awards for their fantastic film The Endless Winter - looking at the history of British Surfing. Wisely, they too are based in the West Country and from their base in Bristol, create work for clients all over the world. Our main obstacle at the moment is funding; we need both sponsors and media partners to cover the costs and help distribute the project and we've only just started that journey. 

Aside from that, we need titbits, facts, opinions and suggestions from all the cidermakers, apple growers and historians we can muster to help us steer a true course in creating something that people can both enjoy and learn from. Good ideas are always welcome. Likewise, if you'd like to discuss sponsoring or distributing the film, please get in touch.

Anyway, here is the trailer, its fairly self-explanatory and I'll keep you posted as to progress as and when things move foward. Please share it with everyone and let me know what you think.