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A year or more ago (I'm somewhat belated in announcing it- apologies) I started working on a video on behalf of CAMRA (Campaign For Real Ale, Cider and Perry) called 'Cider: Maturation and Blending.' Pretty dorky stuff - I know. In a round about way, I was asked to produce a 25 minute video on the subject, which I did, and has lead on to further commissions for them. As of today, I have created another 10 videos, each unique, educational beer, cider and perry projects with a view to keeping their membership inspired and informed. As a progressive and active member-driven organisation, their 'Learn and Discover' campaign, a relatively new department, "supports lifelong learning in beer, cider, perry and pubs through high-quality learner-focused content, carefully curated from trusted industry voices and our volunteer community."

I am proud to be one of those trusted industry voices and relish these kind of commissions, particularly in being asked to create heartfelt videos about beer, cider and perry in UK.

Via the CAMRA website, members can choose their own journey of discovery: the premise being that ‘The Basics’ (for beginners) is free content and publicly available to anyone, anywhere in the world. If you want to ‘Learn More’ (aimed at enthusiasts) or even ‘Discover’ (aimed at connoisseurs) you need to join CAMRA and enjoy full access to everything. Literally anyone can join - from any country in the world and with membership rates starting at £20 per year, its supremely reasonable, especially when you realise you get more than £30 of beer vouchers!

It may sound obvious, but I love it. As a freelancer I don't always feel quite so passionately about every commission. So as a lifelong beer, cider and perry fan, I am thrilled to be asked to create simple informative videos which target key areas and inform the membership. Cider and CAMRA have had a rocky relationship in the past and many cidermakers, drinkers and industry experts had just about given up on them, so I find it encouraging that they are investing in new content from a respected and diverse range of contributors. Its an ongoing process with new content appearing periodically and involves some of the most respected brewers, cidermakers, industry experts and even chefs the UK has.

I plan to introduce each of my projects in order of its release and would encourage anyone interested in beer, cider or perry who wants to 'learn and discover' more about their favourite drinks to sign up as a member of CAMRA and enjoy every article, podcast and video. 

Below is a 90 second showreel showcasing the type of work I have been creating for CAMRA, its based on a promotional video I put together for them and should give you a good (if brief) idea of what to expect.. Check the CAMRA YouTube channel out, get watching and subscribe!