RNLI lifeboat sitting quietly

#AUB24RNLI: 24hr ideas for the Lifesavers

I'm a big fan of the Arts University Bournemouth, they have the confidence to initiate really interesting ideas regardless of what a university 'should' be doing, and they pull it off every time.  Whenever they ask me to get involved, the answer is always yes. Its inspiring to see creativity thriving there.

The latest incarnation of their AUB24 concept (which turns their campus and students into a creative advertising agency to work on a live brief for 24hrs) challenged undergraduates to produce something new and unique to raise awareness about the RNLI amongst 18-40 yr olds. In a nutshell, the students are given a live brief, asked to form into multidisciplinary teams, come up with some original ideas which they then have to pitch to the client 24hrs later. Its one of those things that could easily fall over and end in quiet disaster, but it doesn't. The students are given support by talented mentors and at the end, successful pitches are taken on by the client to do feasibility studies. As a student, live briefs are about the best opportunities to get ahead in the creative industries, boost your confidence and prove what you are capable of in a short space of time.

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution is a charity that was set up to saves lives at sea. The lifeboat crews are volunteers who regularly risk their lives to save others without any financial reward - they're true modern day heroes and I respect them massively. Following the brief through the eyes of the students, I felt a mixture of emotion and inspiration which made me keen to pitch photographic ideas as a response.

A small selection of my photos documenting the launch can be viewed in the #AUB24RNLI photo gallery

I'll let the official website fill in the details: http://24.aub.ac.uk and in a few months, the next phase of building and installing the results should be rolled out.